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When The Enemy Hears Tic Tok They Know It's Time To Die With Your Gun Shot They Know Why

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 Thank You for everything :):)

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PostSubject: Thank You for everything :):)   Sun Oct 31, 2010 1:55 pm

Hi guys, I offer my most sincere apologies that i cannot say goodbye to you guys personally. You guys have treated me so nice the past weeks i been in tic tok, but sadly its time for me to say goodbye. The reason for this letter of resignation (probally spelled this wrong) is the massive amount of hackers and doucbags around CA lately. I cannot stand them no longer, i cant even play a game without it being ruined by a hacker, or gettin called a hacker. The best part was when i defend myself i get called names like " u ****ing b*tch" or "sdfu f*ag". CA isnt the same as it once was in the past. Anyway, thank you for treating me nicely , u guys are amazing friends. I wish you the best of luck bringing Tic~Toc to the top ranks.

Sincerely, Marla (FireArund)
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Thank You for everything :):)
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