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When The Enemy Hears Tic Tok They Know It's Time To Die With Your Gun Shot They Know Why


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PostSubject: The 411   The 411 Icon_minitimeThu Oct 21, 2010 10:53 am

Guys Here at Tic~Tok~Gun~Shot we have a few rules. Not Strict but Hopefully u follow.

Now theses Rules are aside as the ones in the rule Section. This is More Towards our image.

Well Basically you all know this is a clan to build relationships. To be more then just a clan

but a family. Yes it sounds corny but clans that don't have that structure fail about 90% of the time.

Now Rules to be in game where you are up against strong and hardcore clans don't go soft and play serious.

There's a time to play and fool around but there is also a time to be serious. Number 2 If a Clan Mate is in

need of help in a game and u are able to come out of yours to help then please do so. But also the guy who is

asking for help also has the choice to leave, so don't get mad if no one's come to aid. Number 3 in clan wars

everyone indeed has to participate in them. no excuses if u are in game and u are asked to go and clan war

as a soldier u must attend. No noobie things NEVER. ELITE IS A MUST unless approved by an admin.

Well Guys get out there and pwn. And Never let anyone stop you!

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